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McRose Best Selling Tool Belts

McRose Sports Team Tool Belts

Bob Haley, Accent Custom Builders

Thanks Dennis, My first set of framer bags 23 years ago were McRose, and I have been wearing McRose bags every day since. Wouldn't wear anything else. I have been wearing a so-so apron when doing interior finish work for about 5 years now and didn't realize that you guys make one until a couple of weeks ago when one of my guys went on your website to order a new belt. In 23 years as a carpenter, I'm only on my 3rd set of bags. Great Product! I'm really looking forward getting the new apron. Thanks for doing what you do! 


I have had the pleasure of wearing your original set of nail bags for over 14 years now. I purchased them in Truckee when you first started out up here. Sadly I have worn out the right side bag, (the hammer hanger side, no tape holder). I have purchased 2 bags from other makers and then modified them, only to be disappointed and give them to my dog. (He liked them!) After having used your bags, everything else is dog chow. I miss my good old bags and am not as skilled without them.

I had a set of McRose carpenter pro Triples for over 10 years. Doing a lot of remodeling additions and framing, they have been incredible! So, now that I do primarily electrical I knew I had to have Dennis build me a set with some pics back and forth And I had a lot of questions... and are you sure Dennis ships to Denver, Where I live currently. When they came I was really impressedOnce I loaded them with tools, they are perfect for general electrical residential or commercial. I can't say enough about the workmanship and customer service Dennis provides. Thanks!

Ryan Allen, Lifetime customer 

We are top quality Framers and Carpenters! We know your moves and what you need for comfort, design, and durability. We know what you need. We know what you want. We know what we're doing....

Let us help you to a better day and a better future with a quality second to none! We're not the cheapest, but some of our toolbelt sets have lasted over 20 Years of daily use!!! That's $$$ in your pocket and assurance of daily performance year in and year out!!! 

Dennis McVey 

Owner | Master Leatherman

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